Sustainable Tourism

turismo sotenibleSolid Waste Collection Program in the most Affected Areas of the lower Tarcoles River

At Jungle Crocodile Safari we care about sustainable tourism, which is why we dedicate part of our time to the collection of solid waste in an area of 3 km at the end of the Tarcoles River.

Sustainability describes how biological systems remain diverse and productive over time. It is about the equilibrium of species with the resources of their environment. It also applies to the exploitation of a resource, below its renewal limit.

For us, this is a very important issue that have an impact on the whole country. The permanent soil erosion and deforestation seriously affects all the inhabitants of the town of Tarcoles including its economy. Also, since the main activity in the region is fishing,solid and soil waste are thrown into the sea, changing the composition of the seabed.

The most important thing is to raise awareness in the whole community. That is why students and adults in the community of Tarcoles collaborate with us and they are part of this great program.