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Tárcoles is a quiet little town that lies just on the outskirts of northern Puntarenas, Costa Rica. Though it may be small, it boasts an abundance of both indoor and outdoor activities, beautiful fauna and exotic wildlife. It is dotted by unassuming structures along dirt roads and sits parallel to the ocean, offering a million-dollar ocean view. Though you might not think much of Tárcoles at first, if you take a minute to explore the outskirts of the town, you will discover a trove of hidden treasures.

Catch a Glimpse of Costa Rica Crocodiles

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or just looking for a way to entertain your unimpressionable teenager, a trip through Carara National Park is bound to get your heart pumping. Carara National Park is home to the large and intimidating American Crocodiles. You can observe these beasts at a safe distance from the Tárcoles River Bridge or you go big and sign up for a croc tour through the mudflats. The croc tour takes you along the river by boat and is led by a brave bilingual tour guide who has no qualms about performing hair-raising tricks designed to grab the crocs’ attention.

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