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Private combo family tour: Crocodile, Bird Watching and Mangrove

This adventure has been designed for those who love nature and want to have direct contact with it, but at the same time experience a Tour that will take you very close to one of the few prehistoric animals that exist on planet earth: the Crocodiles, which sometimes  surpass the 4 meters in length, but this is not all, while we observe these reptiles, the biologically active place offers an important number of both resident and migratory birds for you to see.

Departure hours: 8:30 AM | 9:30 AM | 10:30 AM | 11:30 AM | 12:30 PM | 1:30 PM | 2:30 PM | 3:30 PM

Tour Time: 2 hours Approximately

Place of departure: Company Dock

Transport: Motorboat 4 Stroke outboard

Tour Type: Observation

Difficulty level: Easy

Maximum capacity: 10 people by boat, regulation of the Ministry of Health regarding Covid-19